meridol® Medium Toothbrush

Combines a through cleaning performance and gentle care for gums.

The combination of:

  1. Cylindrical filaments in the center of the brush head
  2. Flexible bristles with microfine ends allow a thorough cleaning of the teeth and gumline while being gentle on the gums.
  3. Soft-coated brush head

Developed in collaboration with experts. Scientifically tested. A quality product of meridol research.

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  • Key Benefits

    • Medium-hard bristles in the inner bristle field
    • Soft coated brush head
    • Higher soft bristles with microfine bristle ends
    • Ergonomically shaped handle
    • Scientifically tested
Meridol Tip

meridol® Tip

For the best possible dental care, combine the meridol® toothbrush with the meridol® toothpaste recommended by dentists along with the Meridol mouthwash. Ask your dentist about it.