Our Swiss heritage and thinking have shaped meridol approaches oral care, and are reflected in our guiding philosophies:

1. Certainty of Science

We have a deep desire and willingness to constantly learn, develop and create in order to truly impact and improve the world around us.

2. Passion for Collaboration

We believe that open collaboration and building strong partnerships with dental professionals and our comunity bring a more impactful outcome for everyone.

Initially launched in Switzerland as a mouthrinse in 1986, the meridol brand eventually expanded to launch meridol toothpaste (1995) and meridol toothbrush (2002) in Germany. In a pioneering new step, meridol was the first brand to collaborate with scientists and to partner with dentists to deliver credible scientific evidence in support of its efficacy.

We believe that gums have the power to transform overall health of individuals and the population. Our passion is to empower people to take care of their gums, and to eliminate the impact of gum disease from the world.

Through our proven science and partnering with experts, we provide solutions to heal the root cause of gum issues today and ensure continued gum protection for better health tomorrow.

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