We have put together the answers of the most frequently asked questions for you here.
  • Who are meridol® products thought for? What is the difference to other product lines?

    Meridol® products have been developed specifically for people who suffer from gum problems or who are looking for a way to effectively prevent these problems. They contain a highly effective combination of the active ingredients amin and zinc. The positive effect on the gums has already been demonstrated convincingly in numerous clinical examinations.

  • Do I have to use all products to notice an effect?

    No. The mode of action has been successfully demonstrated for each individual product. But the products were developed to achieve an optimised effect together. This is particularly recommended to people who already suffer from gum problems.

  • Can I use meridol® products during pregnancy?

    Hormonal changes during pregnancy increase the risk of gum diseases. Meridol® acts against it and helps to protect the gums so that it stays healthy even during and after pregnancy.

  • What are the risk factors for gum problems?

    About 80 % of all people can develop gum problems in the course of their lives. The risk factors are:

    • Pregnancy
    • Diabetes
    • Smoking
    • High blood pressure
    • Stress
    • Ages over 25
  • How quickly do the products help?

    In vitro studies show that Amin and Zinc offer an antibacterial effect from the first application.

  • Where can I buy meridol® products?

    Meridol® is available in Pharmacies and selected Dental Practioners.

  • What does the inscription "clinically confirmed effectiveness" mean on the meridol® packaging?

    Clinical studies have shown both the effectiveness of Meridol toothpaste and Meridol mouthwash. "Clinical" means that the studies on users, i.e. under real conditions, were carried out. The Meridol® examinations were carried out by independent universities in accordance with the highest scientific standards and published in recognized specialist journals.

  • What are Amine and Zinc?

    Amine and Zinc are a highly effective combination of active ingredients developed by meridol® Research that combines the positive effect on gums with effective protection against caries. Amine and Zinc act as active ingredients in meridol® Gum Protection toothpaste and mouthwash.

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