Gum care Specialist

Gum Care Specialist

It helps fight the cause of gum problems.

Reach for meridol®

meridol® products have been specifically developed for people who suffer from gum problems. Gum issues have been especially prevalent in South Africa where 90% of South Africans experience gum problems (National Oral Health Month, 2019)

Nurture your gums daily and use meridol® products for effective protection against gum problems.

Make the healthy choice and try meridol®

Meridol - Gum Care Specialist

Reach for meridol® toothpaste

meridol® toothpaste has a unique dual active formula with the combination of Stannous Ions and Amine Fluoride that helps protect against gum problems. The dual active formula provides long-lasting gum protection. meridol® toothpaste has been clinically proven to nurture the gum like a balm while actively restoring the gum back to health.

meridol® Gentle White toothpaste is a gentle teeth whitening toothpaste that helps cleanse and prevent the cause of gum problems. meridol® Gentle White is an effective whitening toothpaste that protects against tooth discolouration* along with the dual active formula to provide long-lasting gum protection.

*helps remove surface stains

Reach for meridol® toothbrush

Meridol - Toothbrush Soft

meridol® toothbrushes have been developed in collaboration with experts and scientifically tested, to ensure meridol® toothbrushes are gentle on your gums, while effectively brushing your teeth. meridol® toothbrushes are both ergonomically shaped for handling and soft-coated for gum sensitivity.

meridol® Soft Toothbrush has microfine tapered bristles for thorough and gentle cleaning of teeth and gum line.

meridol® Medium Toothbrush has flexible bristles with fine soft ends that allow effective cleaning of the teeth and gum while being gentle on the gums.

Reach for meridol® mouthwash

meridol® Mouthwash helps fight the cause of gum problems. The soothing rinse works effectively, keeping your teeth and gums clean and healthy 

The dual active formula delivers immediate and long-lasting gum protection. It enables a rapid distribution of the active ingredients across the mouth for quick effect.

Meridol - Mouthwash